Machine Building

Alprofil designs and realises various solutions for machine building enterprises. This includes various industries, such as medical, watchmaking, chemical and pharmaceutical, automotive etc.

Thanks to our profile system, consisting of aluminum profiles, surface elements (plastic, wood, metal, glass) and assembly components, we realise the solution you need. And we go easy on your budget.


Machine Building examples


Frame for Chemical Industry (1) 


High Pression Control Unit (2)

Vorhang 01

Translucent Cover for Optical Industry (3)


Base Frame and Safety for assembly line (4)

  1. We designed and assembled his frame for a company working at the chemical industry. The material of the surface elements can be adapted to certain specifications, e.g. acid or organic solvent resistency.
  2. This device on wheels is manufactured for a producer of high pression systems. It serves as the control unit for the gas injection device. The client provides the electronic parts, whereas we deliver the mechanical units, including the punched sheet for the control buttons.
  3. A manufacturer of high precision optical tools ordered this device. The curtain “hides” test procedures during which no daylight must enter.
  4. Here, we realised the base frame with a safety device for the single stations of an assembly systems manufacturer. The safety cover includes a security switch, making sure that the machine stops immediately when opened.

Projects of machine builders

Do you have a project you need a frameworks partner for? We from Alprofil will gladly come to visit you in order to discuss your expectations. Our offer arrives within a few working days. High quality at realising the frames is most important to us. Finally, we will deliver the frame directly to you. Or even assemble it at your site.