Profile System

Our Profile System

From simple components to complex solutions – our profile system has (almost) no limits when it comes to find individualised assemblies.


Profile System Overview

The principle of our modular system is the same as that of a construction kit. The three main categories are:

Aluminum Profiles

Our aluminium profiles are being manufactured by strategic partners. The tools for the profiles all belong to our company.
The majority of our profiles is being manufactured within Switzerland, whereas there are some partners in the neighbouring countries as well.


Surface elements

Together with our strategic partners, we offer you a wide selection:
Plastics such as Plexiglas™, Plexiglas Resist™ (acryl glass) or Makrolon™ (polycarbonate),
Compound materials such as Gutbond™ and CDF™
as well as wooden, glass, or metal sheets oder metal grids.


Assembly components

Our assembly components consist of different standardised elements.
With these, we do satisfy highest customer expectations regarding esthetics, hygienic issues, and stability.