Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

The Problem

There are more and more enterprises in Switzerland which are forced into process optimisation:

  • Switzerland has one of the highest actual wage levels in Europe.
  • Therefore, more and more companies withdraw their production and establish it abroad. Or the move completely away.
  • As a consequence, the small industrial companies in Switzerland have less work.
  • Moreover, the currency exchange rate between CHF and EUR reduce profitability, making things even worse.

In the end, smaller Swiss companies lack of competitiveness, generating less sales and lower profit.

Our Solution: Process Optimisation by Alprofil

This is exactly when and where we may assist you: thanks to our profile system and expertise, we can increase your productivity and lower your costs, resulting in more competitiveness.

An integrated transfer system by Alprofil

Flexible Profile System

Our profile and transfer systems are ideal for optimising your processes.


Diagram by Karn G. Bulsuk (

ISO Processes

Moreover, we are familiar with all ISO 9001:2000 expectations, e.g. PDCA (Plan Do Check Act). Thus, we may increase your productivity.

The kanji (japanese character) for “Kaizen”
(continuous improvement)

Japanese Management Methods

Last but not least, we are familiar with concepts such as Kaizen, Kanban etc. – from our experience, but also by observing them directly in Japan.

The process

We are proceeding in four simple steps

process optimisation

1. Analysis

We analyse your production processes by studying your documents as well as seeing them in place.

2. Design

Next, we elaborate a design, containing both a virtual CAD concept of your workshop and our suggestion on how to organise your production in the future.

3. Realisation

After having received our okay, we introduce the new concept on site and support you coaching your staff members.

4. Review

A specified time after our work is done, we will have a final meeting to verify whether there are some last improvements to be made.


If you would like to hear about projects already realised or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitat to contact our CEO and certified ISO 9001:2000 internal auditor, Mr. David Ruprecht.